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Sans Sheriff Radio – S02E09 – My Good Bucket, As Well

On this primo ep of Sans Sheriff Radio: a very efficient game show; Jeremy Clarkson impersonator Jiminy Clickson revisits The Celeb Zone, amidst his current career crisis; there’s an advert … Continue reading

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Let’s Play – Dodge the Train Passenger

You’re on a 5 hour train journey to Glasgow. You couldn’t afford 1st class because standard class is already a price joke, there’s no room for your baggage so your … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership

Clocking in at 11 years on the circuit, Sacramento post-hardcore outfit Dance Gavin Dance have been one of the most prolific and energetic bands in recent times. Their fusion and … Continue reading

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The Talentless Hack… Political Party Music

Have you ever wondered what music best describes UK political parties? no I haven’t either – but i’ve done it anyway. Apologies to Sinn Fein, and Respect, but I just … Continue reading

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The Talentless Hack… Banjo?

As a fan of not liking anything Mumford & Sons come out with, I find it hilarious that releasing one song without a banjo has become more important than who … Continue reading

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Sans Sheriff Radio – S02E08 – More Information, Less Frivolity

Behold, the most topical episode of Sans Sheriff Radio that has ever existed, complete with a massive TWO topical sketches. Reckless tycoon, Earle Hayley drops a Mother’s Day album to … Continue reading

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Ode to.

My heart is racing. My eyes are darting. How have I found myself in this situation again? Nothing good can come of this. Briefly I consider leaving, but to my … Continue reading

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One for the history books.

“Hey Jim, we’ve got some cracking news going out tonight at 10. I love my job and being able to deliver the latest breaking headlines you know, updates on missing … Continue reading

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Ode to.

I’ve been up since 6am. 4pm is creeping in and I just want to leave this place. The grey sky looms overhead. All around me are familiar faces, worn out … Continue reading

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Sans Sheriff Radio – S02E07 – Pranks on Set

In this episode of Sans Sheriff Radio, Stuart Ullman is denying dreams in “Shall I Buy It?”; Reverend Hardbar is reading from his favourite bible verses once again; Elliot ignores … Continue reading

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Asking Alexandria’s new singer revealed!

Earlier this week everyone was shocked to learn that Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria. Personally, I was shocked to learn that everyone cared so much (trending on Twitter? Really?) … Continue reading

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The Ten Commandments of Instagram

This week on totally relevant Sans Sheriff posts, we’re giving the Ten Commandments a 21st century face lift! Yes, that’s right, if you’ve ever read the Ten Commandments and quickly … Continue reading

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