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REVIEW: Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership


Clocking in at 11 years on the circuit, Sacramento post-hardcore outfit Dance Gavin Dance have been one of the most prolific and energetic bands in recent times. Their fusion and knowledge of different genres has been one of the bands unique selling points during their tenure in the scene, and new offering Mothership utilizes the groups intense back-and-forth between their vocalists over tight, sometimes funky instrumentation.

For fans, this LP has plenty to celebrate. For starters, it’s a milestone for a band that has famously suffered with various line-up changes – Mothership marks the bands first time releasing three consecutive albums in a row without any personnel changes, and many would argue that this has helped the band hone their sound over the last few years.

the Mothership is wonderfully weird

Secondly, it’s incredibly vivid and bright. The dramatic performance from lead singer Tillian Pearson, the now-familiar schizophrenic (and comically nonsensical) screams from John Mess, the razor sharp production that enhances the frantic guitar playing and drumming – it’s all here. It’s nothing the band haven’t aimed for before, but it seems that DGD have mastered their craft to the point where they feel comfortable with experimentation.

Experimentation that sees a flute-driven introduction on the delectably funky Young Robot, falsettdancegavindance2014o passages on Deception and a ridiculous short auto-tuned rap verse on one of the records strongest tracks, Chocolate Jackalope. The albums lead single, Betrayed By The Game, is a steadfast homage to what Pearson can achieve with his voice, complete with a sharp guitar hook and a crowd-pleasing chorus. Throw these in with satisfyingly gnarly freak-outs from growler John Mess and the impeccable lead guitarist’s (Will Swan) signature solos and grooves, and Mothership manages to hold itself as one of the most interesting and bombastic rock records of the year.

It’s the bands creativity and ridiculousness that may become an achilles heel, but DGD shouldn’t care. People just passing by and looking into the windows of this record will no doubt be put off by the unorthodox lyrics and certain sonically spastic moments, but Dance Gavin Dance are a band for the fans – and the Mothership is wonderfully weird.

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