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I’ve been up since 6am. 4pm is creeping in and I just want to leave this place. The grey sky looms overhead. All around me are familiar faces, worn out places. Why me? Why am I here? Will I ever leave, or will I just die here? Maybe I don’t even mind. The temperature is dropping, taking my hopes and dreams with it. I contemplate calling home to say my last goodbyes.

4:30pm flies by. The orange tickets in my bag taunt me. Return, oh return, will it ever happen. Memories of happier times haunt me. Ain’t it Fun springs into action on my iPod. A single tear rolls down my cheek, but then quickly rolls back up after witnessing my surroundings. Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

5pm clocks in like a great death knell. I swear when I arrived the trees were green. Will I ever see anything but 50 shades of grey again? In the distance I see it, my only hope. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? I’m saved. Carry me home my wayward train.

Signed – frequent traveller on delayed/cancelled trains.

Coming soon on Sans Sheriff: More minor inconveniences dressed up like super dramatic, post apocalyptic events.

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Your usual I enjoy visiting new places, music, 1st class Bachelor of Arts fuck the system drivel. More useless information includes I'm 25.

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