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One for the history books.

“Hey Jim, we’ve got some cracking news going out tonight at 10. I love my job and being able to deliver the latest breaking headlines you know, updates on missing people, huge world events, politics, sports – I really feel important delivering information to the masses. What’s your lead story tonight?”

“Well Lisa, after some careful deliberation, I’ve decided to shelve the story about a plane skidding off the runway at New York airport, I’ve even dropped the one about Miliband and Cameron gearing up for handbags at dawn again. Michael Brown family lawsuit what? No no no, I’ve got the real gold. The scoop of the day. Trending on Twitter the lot.”

“Blimey J, it must be huge! What is it? Terrorist threat? Has Obama been eaten by a great white?”

Kim Kardashian has dyed her hair blonde. Blonde Lisa, bloody blonde! They’ll be teaching this in history A level in years to come. It’s amazing.”

Coming soon on Sans Sheriff: I dye my hair and no one gives a shit. Sigh.

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Your usual I enjoy visiting new places, music, 1st class Bachelor of Arts fuck the system drivel. More useless information includes I'm 25.

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