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The Talentless Hack… Banjo?


banjo2As a fan of not liking anything Mumford & Sons come out with, I find it hilarious that releasing one song without a banjo has become more important than who the next coalition government will be. Do M&S shoppers actually care that the banjo is dead? Do M&S know that American commercial radio literally relies on that banjo for income? Do you know how I can end this constant stream of pointless questions? No.

Many M&S fans have completely aligned “Believe” to that of a Coldplay epic – as if Coldplay are mainstream monkeys and M&S are this underground folk group who earn less than minimum wage or something. It’s actually quite pleasing to listen to M&S without them needing to fill a chorus with a terrible banjo rhythm.

With “Believe”, I can actually say: “Hey! That’s believe,” because more than 51% of M&S songs are more similar than a Pendulum album. So yeah, “Believe” actually has a long-lasting effect on me as a listener, unlike their previous songs like “I Will Wait”, although “Believe” does actually sounds like a Coldplay b-side gone wrong. The change in direction won’t please most of their audience because dat banjo is just too god damn important – like Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson.

-Eddie Gibson


Is this baby Marcus Mumford’s son?



Let’s take a look what people on Twitter think of #Believe.



Well at least the American audience can watch “Little Lion Man” on M&S’s official VEVO!





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