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Sans Sheriff Radio is a half-hour sketch comedy romp and/or silly time. It has won a single award and will likely never win another.

The show collects the highlights from the past week of broadcasting at Sans Sheriff Radio, which is a “real” station. Expect to hear political correspondent, Braxton Corwin; behind-the-scenes gossip from the music world brought to you by Will and Elliot on “Off The Record”; and a selection of adverts from the station’s fine sponsors.

Currently in its second season, Sans Sheriff Radio airs on Staffordshire University’s very own One Media Radio on Fridays at 16:00 hours. You’ll hear a brand new episode, followed by a “classic”.

Or, you can subscribe to the show on iTunes for literally no money and have episodes lovingly whipped on to your computer.

Or if you don’t want your computer to be clogged up with hilarious #content, why not give Stitcher a try?

OR you can stream the show on Mixcloud, which comes complete with a handy track list and the entire back catalogue of episodes.

Here’s episode 1 of season 2 to get you started (you need not feel any pressure to listen to the episodes in order):

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