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frnkiero andthe cellabration at Banquet Records

image_1 “What’s going on here? Who’s playing?”, just some guys. Some guys who sold out two in-store shows within seconds. Some guys who have caused the entire street to now be in chaos as people try to go about their everyday business. Frnkiero andthe cellabration were in town for one final stop and every single fan there wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

If Frank Iero had been worried about the bands UK reception then all those doubts were laid to rest yesterday. Requesting a sing along was unnecessary as everyone was with Frank from the get go anyway, and they never let up for a single second throughout the 5 song set. At times it felt more like a large gathering of friends with the back and forth joking between Frank and the fans, adding to the golden ticket atmosphere. With band and audience alike in high spirits Christmas arrived early last night, with the cherry on top of the cake being the after show signings. Having time for everyone CDs were signeimage_2d, pillows were drawn on, eggplants were signed (yep!) and countless photos were taken. Frank swore blind he was more thankful for the fans than the fans were for him, but I’m willing to bet it’s a very close call.

After two in-store shows and two signings it was time to wave goodbye and hurriedly post every photo taken on every social media site in existence. Smug? Us? Never. Not bad for a band on their first UK run for their debut. Here’s hoping for those spring 2015 shows.

Coming soon on Sans Sheriff: Nothing because I’ll be off whining that it’s not November anymore bye. My bio is 2 years old I look totally different now it’s been bugging me but I’m still open to the pizza.

To view all of the photos here you go!

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