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Halloween: A Swift walk down Slipknot Way.

Kids are gearing up for tooth decay, uni students are acting like they need a reason to get hammered, and recently divorced adults are set to prowl the office party in their best Poundland get up. It must be Halloween. While us mere mortals settle for cheap vodka and bin bag capes have you ever wondered what the music elite get up to on fright night? Three Skype calls later (I’d show you proof but a woman doesn’t Skype and tell) and I have all the grisly details from Slipknot, Taylor Swift and Gerard Way.




Now Slipknot don’t dress up as other people for Halloween, other people dress up as Slipknot. No, Halloween for Slipknot is a bit like dress down Friday at work and non uniform day at school, it’s a day when the band can be their true selves. This year I’m told they’ll be donning their finest average Joe gear – plaid shirts over a t shirt with Rihanna’s face, Topman jeans and standard black Toms all round. To truly cement their chosen aesthetic this year, you’ll find them propping up the nearest Wetherspoon’s talking loudly about the latest hilarious LAD Bible post and leering over any female that blinks.


 Taylor Swift

Having just released her fifth studio album 1989, Taylor is on cloud 9 right now. Kids if you’re looking for a soft touch for candy this year, Swift is probably good for it. So what are Taylor’s plans for Halloween, a huge A list party? Actually no, Taylor is going for an understated approach this year and will be rolling around in her recently well earned millions. You know, to add to the stacks of other millions she already has. Rumour has it that if you listen closely, from within the walls of Taylor’s house you can hear a soft cackling. That’s the sound of a multimillionaire not giving a shit what you think about their song topics. Now on your way peasant.


 Gerard Way

As avid fans will know Way released his first solo album this year, after the event of 2013 that no one needs to talk about ever again. Unsurprisingly the album is a cracker and Gerard hasn’t lost an ounce of creativity or flamboyance, so you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s going to spend Halloween kayaking down a river of blood whilst singing the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, tweeting about pancakes all the while. Actually Gerard is going for a much more subtle approach this year and will spend All Hallows’ Eve polishing off his fetching blue suit ready for the UK tour next week. Or you know Hesitant Alien could be a huge clue and maybe he’s preparing to board the mothership as we speak.

Coming soon on Sans Sheriff: IT’S ALIVE. WE’RE ALIVE. Let yourself in, close the door and I’ll stick the kettle on, we’ve got shit to write.
*Also, clearly none of the above is true and I can’t even work Skype.

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