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Sans Sheriff Radio – S02E01

It’s been a while but Sans Sheriff Radio is back and is better than never. It even has a shiny new logo, so do what you will with that.

On this glorious return to the airwaves, we listen in on Sans Sheriff Radio’s American sister station, KSSR 105.9. The Tottenham Hotspurts play sports in “If These Balls Could Talk”; many a huzzah is had in a rousing game of “The Value is Correct”; and we hear the debut track from up-and-coming pop-punk trio, The Surfer Skate Street Six, who are really bringing exciting new ideas to the genre.

The reviews are in! This episode has recently been called “almost 30 minutes long” and “128kbps in terms of audio quality”.

Sans Sheriff Radio is also available on Libsyn and iTunes, so do with that information what you will.

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One comment on “Sans Sheriff Radio – S02E01

  1. Dirk Gently
    October 31, 2014

    This was shit, appart from the song tho at the end there. Who are those guys agen> can I buy there tune on itunes? Deep merit. Tuff emotions. Would like to c them life on tour


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