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Cavalier Youth: Let’s Remember the Old Days

You Me at Six are waking up today with four albums now under their belt, with Cavalier Youth released today. One of the biggest UK bands and they seem to have the Midas touch, they can do no wrong. Unless Cavalier Youth turns out to be a KISS tribute, makeup and hair galore, you just know it’s going to be huge.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at their 3 previous albums.

220px-TOYCDeluxeTake Off Your Colours

This was the debut that launched them into the spotlight quicker than you can say Franceschi. The five Surrey lads invaded the 2008 music scene with their first single Save It for the Bedroom, which clocked up plenty of airtime on Kerrang! TV and radio. They haven’t looked back since. Going from strength to strength and building a strong fan base, perhaps due to high profile tours such as supporting Fall Out Boy, but definitely due to their undeniable talent. Masters of delivering good, honest rock with a pop edge (particularly in the early days) Take off your Colours was You Me at Six laying their foundations. Bigger and better things were yet to come but as far as debuts go they hit the ground running.

Hold Me DownHold Me Down

Next up was Hold Me Down in 2010. The dreaded curse of a decent debut album loomed like a storm cloud. Where did You Me at Six go from there? It was make or break, time to prove themselves and prove they had lasting power. Hold Me Down did exactly that. Fans said hello to a more mature band and welcomed them with open arms. Gone was the pop tinge this time opting for an edgier rock sound. Opening with The Consequence it was clear the band meant business, “I’ve got real big plans and such bad thoughts”, and the first part was certainly true. Hold Me Down saw them attract more mainstream attention than before, reaching number five in the UK albums chart. Not bad for a band that two years prior had been playing small venues, fresh off the release of their debut.

Sinners+Never+Sleep+pngSinners Never Sleep

Fast forward to 2011 and not a band to let the dust settle, Sinners Never Sleep was released. You Me at Six said this would be their heaviest album to date, which isn’t exactly true but it is still a cracker. Not quite AC/DC, Josh wasn’t parading around in a school boy outfit and there aren’t any intricate guitar solos, but this is what makes You Me at Six smart. They know what their fans enjoy, they’ve found a sound and style that captures the attention of an unwaveringly loyal fanbase and they’re not going to jeopardise that. So you won’t get any huge surprises with You Me at Six but they do evolve and switch things up which keeps each album fresh, whilst sticking to their roots. They’re the safe band, like your favourite pair of shoes- comfy, reliable and you can buy shiny new shoes but there’s just something about that one pair. This is what keeps You Me at Six selling out venues, wedging their way into album charts and being a huge part of the UK music scene.

Cavalier Youth is likely to set You Me at Six up for a very successful 2014. Expect to see highly favourable reviews, sold out tours, perhaps a festival slot and more success than perhaps even they can dream of. All well-deserved from a band who have crafted and perfected themselves, built up from the bottom and now reaching the dizzying heights that come with being a bloody brilliant UK band.

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