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SSExpress: Sheldon Cooper To Be On TV More


Jim Parsons, the actor behind Big Bang Theory brainiac Sheldon Cooper, is to open his own TV channel later this month.

‘Sheldon TV’ is to feature nobody but Parsons himself, he announced this morning. When asked what content will be broadcast on the channel, he was very quick to answer.

“Only my face will be on the channel. The only character I am even considering about playing is Sheldon.

“He’s got a good solid foundation and the kids will love him.”

Parsons, who found fame through loveable children’s character Sheldon Cooper, has always dreamt of his own media outlets.

A leaked document, found in the aftermath of the announcement, revealed some of the programmes scheduled to air in the launch week.

Game show prodigy Bazinga Bazinga was noted first; a gameshow where the contestant (Jim Parsons) has to play a ‘classic’ prank on the host (Sheldon Cooper).



Another programme which the leaked document revealed was Sheldon TV’s very own soap opera, Penny Penny Penny. No script has been found as of yet, but Parsons promised viewers “relentless counts of knocking”.

Parsons was also keen to point out that The Big Bang Theory, a popular television sitcom centered around fun-loving scientists and the lives they lead, would indeed be airing in the fall.

“I am very pleased to announce The Big Bang Theory will be premiering this September, from season 1, all the way to season 35.

“They will be specially edited episodes as to only include me.”

When asked if Leonard, Raj, or Hayley Cropper would make an appearance, Parsons shook his head. He did, however, hint that Penny would be included in one episode.

“Penny will make an appearance in one episode.


The mastermind behind the whole idea, TV showrunner Chuck Lorre, added:

“I’m excited to make more money, as I really only have 5 or 6 shows on the air this year. Also, I think it’s important that I dilute the common person’s opinion of comedy as much as possible.”

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