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Heaven’s Basement Interview at Manchester Academy 19/12/13

Enter-Heavens-Basement-During-Bands-Shockya-Twitter-Take-OverHeaven’s Basement have had a huge 2013. From the release of their debut album Filthy Empire to touring none stop, seeing them play at both Download and Reading and Leeds. Not bad for the UK band who’s debut isn’t even a year old. I caught up with them as they were in the middle of supporting Black Veil Brides, in their dressing room backstage at Manchester Academy with a small heater for warmth. Not a lighted mirror in sight, in case you were wondering.

How has the tour been going? You seem to be getting a good crowd reaction

Sid Glover – Yea the crowds have been amazing all across Europe. It’s tough really because obviously it’s Black Veil Brides’ crowd and so for everyone to sit through two bands while they’re waiting for the band they want to see come on, you never know how it’s going to go. But then it’s been really really good.

You’ve had a really busy year as a band, with your debut album out earlier this year and none stop touring. Any plans for next year yet or are you just looking forward to a nice Christmas break?

Sid – We’re taking a little break and then we’re going back to Soundwave in Australia. I say back but we’ve never been there so that’ll be good, and then we’re doing our first ever European and UK headline tour. Before Australia we’re going to America for a few shows, and then yea Soundwave followed by the welcome home tour with Glamour of the Kill and The Dirty Youth. That will be the biggest tour we’ve ever tried to do.

So the welcome home tour will be a highlight for you then?

Sid – Yea. We’ve never headlined Europe before and we’ve moved up to much bigger venues in the UK so that’s going to be fun.

Have you had a highlight from this year then? From the touring to the album, Reading and Leeds, Download

Sid – Yea all of them to be fair, we’ve had so many. We’ve been lucky enough to do every kind of thing, like amazing festivals such as Download and playing Reading and Leeds, but then getting to go and play on Canadian TV you know? Stuff like that has been amazing, with it being the year our debut album was out too.

Were you surprised by the response you’ve had? It’s your debut album and you’re doing really well with the fans, big name tours

Sid – Not really a surprise because we believed in the album. We were proud of it and we only really made the album to allow us to tour because we’re the kind of band that belongs on stage. It’s been really nice the response has been great. The fact that we’ve been touring so much is amazing because we’ve really come on live as well, which was the whole kind of point.

Fan question – You’re pretty energetic on stage, have you had any accidents or injuries?

Sid – Yea all the time.

Aaron Buchanan – Everyone always falls off the stage at some point or cracks their face or breaks a knee. The thing is you’ve got so much adrenaline you don’t really feel pain when you’re on stage, it’s only like 20 minutes afterwards when you think oh fuck.

Sid – Aaron had a really good one the other day.

Aaron – Yea I think this has been the worst one so far for me.

Sid – He was looking at me and there was a big gap between the stage and the audience barrier. I thought he was saying Sid do you want to get in the crowd? What I didn’t realise was he was asking did I think he could make the jump. If I’d known he was asking that I would have said no. He went all right cool and he just went, stepped it and just fucking nailed the crowd barrier like right on his gut.

Aaron – Most stupid thing I think I’ve ever done. A couple of days after that I smashed by face on Rob’s guitar, smashed both my front teeth so that’s the end of them.

FQ So as a band, what are your main influences? Your favourite bands?

Sid – Well we all share kind of like a respect for old school British rock bands, Led Zeppelin, The Who all that kind of stuff. It’s hard to say because everyone’s got their own little thing, like I grew up sort of playing Blues guitar, but then we’re also big fans of like Rammstein and stuff like that as well. It’s just good music. It’s mainly someone who can write a good song, doesn’t really matter about genre. If someone’s put their soul into a song and you believe in it then we’re fans of it.

FQ Any song you would like to cover?

Sid – We just sound checked with Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin, so that’d be really fun to do.

FQ If you could tour with any band dead or alive who would it be?

Sid – It’d be awesome to tour with somebody like AC/DC, or playing with Rage Against the Machine  just to see their crowd. Rage is like probably one of the only bands where they’re the opposite of most bands. Most of them are like come on jump and make some noise! Rage are the opposite they have to be like calm down. If he said kick off everyone would die.

FQ If you weren’t in Heaven’s Basement what career would you have?

Sid – That’s a none question, because it’s always been this and it will always be.

FQ When are you next touring America?

Sid – Early February. It’s only for a short time, we’re going to go back out with our friends in The Pretty Reckless and do some shows over there.

So there you have it. Heaven’s Basement are so focused and driven they barely stop to catch their breath before being whisked off on , what sounds like, another year of solid touring. 2013 has been a good year for them, let’s see how they build on their well earned success in 2014.

Coming soon on Sans Sheriff: IT’S CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAAS maybe we’ll rewrite Jingle Bells into a death metal classic.

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