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Six Days of Music – 5/6

Nine days you’ve now got just nine days until Christmas, and according to the highly informative sleeps until Christmas app (lite come on, I’m not paying) 200 hours. If you haven’t bought presents by now you’re basically beyond help, but have a read of these two albums released this year anyway, and why you should own them.

Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal

Bring Me The Horizon used to be one of those love or hate them with a burning passion bands. These days it seems the majority are in agreement that they’re actually a bloody good British band. Sempiternal has a stack of quality tracks, with a stand out being Can You Feel My Heart. There’s the odd one that’s a little off, Antivist for example, comes across as immature anger lyrics wise. Bring Me The Horizon seem to have cemented their status as the shining beacon for British rock bands, and you’d be a fool to still be writing them off as a scene, flash in the pan band. Sempiternal is the album that will change your mind. It’ll make you sit up and notice them, and if you can’t freely admit to you black metal friends that you actually like Bring Me The Horizon, keep it on the down low and blast Sempiternal when no one’s around. Or man (or woman) up and get a grip.

Escape The Fate – Ungrateful

They’ve gone through more line-up changes than Lady Gaga has outfit changes. There’s been more drama than the early hours of Sunday morning outside your local pub. Let’s not forget what they’re capable of, on display for all to hear on latest release Ungrateful. Sticking with their usual style of clean vocals, screaming and relying heavily on guitar solos Ungrateful is more of the same Escape The Fate that fans have come to love. They’re back; they’ve come out the other side and from here on in the future looks pretty bright for the lads. They’ve even buried the hatchet with Falling In Reverse, which is a Christmas miracle if I’ve ever seen one, so who knows what’s next. Maybe a ukulele driven, banjo wielding rap album. How about it guys?

Coming soon on Sans Sheriff: Absolutely nothing because I’m off seeing Black Veil Brides in Wolverhampton, Manchester and Nottingham so sod you all.
I’m joking please check back (please?) for further musicy goodness, I don’t run the show I just work here.

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