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Six Days of Music – 4/6

You now have less than two weeks. Less than two weeks until Christmas day, and you’re in one of two situations. You’re either A) the highly organised type. All your presents have been bought, you gave everyone a comprehensive highly detailed list and you know you’re not going to end up with days of the week socks, and you’ve got a stack of neatly wrapped presents you’ve bought for everyone else.  Or you’re B) about as prepared as we all were for the cinematic classic Sharknado.  You can never go wrong with a CD either as a subtly hinted present for you off family/friends, or as a gift for someone. Relatively cheap entertainment, what more could you want? Here are two albums from this year that would make ideal Christmas presents.

AFI – Burials

Dark, dramatic, powerful – Burials is AFI at their best. First single I Hope You Suffer provided a heavy dose of venomous hate. Maybe reserve that song for whoever gifts you a hand knitted, turtle neck jumper with your name on this year. A Deep Slow Panic could well describe you if you don’t get your arse in gear sharpish and buy your mum a Christmas present. In all seriousness Burials is relatable, AFI have once again connected with their fans on a personal level. Lyrics you’d swear were written just for you all topped off with Davey Havok’s unique, powerful voice, tied together with catchy guitar riffs. One highly talented band proving they’re here to stay for a while yet, and thank god for that.

Fearless Vampire Killers – Exposition: The Five Before The Flames (EP)

So this isn’t an album but this is my post and I’ll bend the rules if I want to. Fearless Vampire Killers have come a long way in the past year. From being the relatively unknown band who supported William Control in early 2012 to venturing out on their own headline tour, and supporting William Control recently on their first US jaunt. They’ve played at Download festival, the Kerrang! Tour, been featured in numerous magazines and just generally worked their socks off. If this year’s EP release is anything to go by then their future is looking brighter than your competitive next door neighbours 3,000 Christmas lights. Fearless Vampire Killers bring something fresh to the scene – flamboyance, art, performance. An exciting, talented band and then some. Keep an eye on these guys because you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of them from now on.

Coming soon on Sans Sheriff: How to become a model. By model I mean post a lot of instagram selfies hashtagged to death.

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